Parish Priest:
    Fr. Ljubomir Krstic
  •     Address:
    Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church
    1910 Serbian Drive, St Louis, MO 63104
  •  Tel:
    (314) 776-3262 Church  -  (815) 543-6170 Cellular
Fr Krstic is the spiritual advisor of our parish. As our Priest, he is always ready to help and answer any questions, or concerns
of his parishioners. This section allows you to communicate with your priest and to ask any questions relevant to faith, religion,
church customs and traditions, or personal plights. Communications are available in either English or Serbian.
If you are requesting information to be mailed, be sure to include your FULL USPS mailing address in the comments box.
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Your Spiritual Advisor
Phone: (314) 776-3262 - Fax: (314) 664-7001