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Dance and Djetinjstvo Dance Groups
Djetinjstvo Dance Group 2013
In an effort to organize and effectively communicate dance
practice times I have set up a google calander and email
for the Djetinstvo Kolo Group. I will update the calendar
everyweek if there are changes. Please make a habit of
checking it the night before dance practice is normally
scheduled to confirm that practice will be held. I will make
a strong effort to update it earlier than the night before
practice if there are changes, but sometimes things just
come up. if you have any questions or comments please
email I will use
this email as the primary means of communication for
dance practice events and occurences. I have shared a
calandar with everyone so that everyone knows what time
practice is scheduled and can review if there will be any
cancellation. I hope that this fixes any future schedueling
Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone for the
amazing support that you have put forth in making
Djetinstvo a success so far. You're dedication to your
children is inspiring and I am blessed to have the
opportunity to work with them. Hvala puno!
Sladjana Milicevic - Djetinjstvo dance instructor
Dance for Older dance group will begin on April 6th.
Dragan Acamovic - dance Group Instructor
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