Printable Educational Documents
A Short History
Holy Sacraments and Sacramental living
History: Orthodox Calendar:
The Divine Liturgy
 Holy Sacrament of Baptism
Veneration of the Holy Cross
Life of Saint Sava
Holy Sacrament of Crismation
Sv. Petka
Beheading of John the Baptist
Holy Sacrament of Conffesion
Great Martyr Demetrios, the Myrrh-streamer
Synaxis of the Archangel Michael
Holy Sacramnet of Eucharist ( Communion)
Entrance of the Theotokos
St. Nicholas
Holy Sacrament of Priesthood
Preparatory prayers before Communion
Holy Sacrament of Marriage
 Holy Sacrament of Unction
Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos
The Church Year: Other Feasts
Calendar of Feasts
The Three Holy Hierarchs
Prayers - Prayer is an indispensable element of every Orthodox Christian's life.
The following are a selection of Orthodox prayers from the rich Tradition of our Church.
The Lord's Prayer
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Prayers to the Guardian Angel
The Creed
Prayer for Enemies
Prayers to the Patron Saint
Introductory Prayer
Prayer for the Living
Prayer of the Optina Elders
Prayer at Daybreak -
Archimandrite Sophronios
Prayers of Preparation Before Holy
Prayers of Thanksgiving After Holy
Morning Prayers
Evening Prayers
Family or Group Prayer
Prayers at Mealtime
Prayer of the Married
Prayer for Parents
Prayers to the Mother of God
Prayer of a Married Person for their Marriage
Prayer of Parents for their Children
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Prayer of a Single Person
Prayer of a Single Parent
The Thrice-Holy
Prayer of a Widow or Widower
A Child's Prayer for their Parents
Prayer of the Sick  &  Prayer for the Ill
Prayer for the Deceased
A Child's Prayer (General)
Thanksgiving after Recovery
Prayers in Times of Trouble - Times of Need
Students' Prayers
Prayer Before Travel
Thanksgiving after Trouble
Prayers for Repentance (Confession)
Prayers Upon Entering & Leaving Church
Prayer of Acceptance of God's Will
Prayer Before Studying the Bible
Prayer at the Icon of Christ
Prayer at the Icon of the Theotokos
Prayer of Saint Ephraim
Prayer to Saint Sava
Prayer of Saint John Chrysostom
Prayer of Saint Basil the Great
The True Meaning of Christmas
The Parable of the Prodigal Son
Sunday of The Publican and The Pharisee
Icons - See Slideshow Icons
Church Customs, Beliefs, and Teachings
Serbian Orthodox Customs
The Orthodox Church's View on Astrology
Q&A: Krsna Slava
Advice from our Esteemed Holy Fathers of the Orthodox  Church
More on Krsna Slava
The Church Candles and Their Meaning
Elevation of the Cross
The Prayer Rope
About Orthodox Icons
The Icons of the Church
The Orthodox Church Calendar
The State of Souls Beyond Death
The Divine Liturgy
The Divine Liturgy2
The Ten Commandments
The Meeting of The Lord
General Articles on Fasting
Great Lent
The Prosphora (Sacramental Bread of the Orthodox Faith)
Printable Educational Articles and Prayers
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