Kolo Sestara - Sisters Circle
Sisters Kolo needs you - If you would like information on joining Sister's Kolo, or volunteering for upcoming events contact  Kolo
President Ljubica Acamovic 314 776 3262
Special Notes from your Sister's Kolo President & Board -

Our board for 2014 is as follows:
        President - Ljubica Acamovic          Vice - President Jadranka Kurtuma
        Treasurer- Milka Marincic                Secretary  Snezana Grubisic

Please check our website for more information on this event.Sisters groups around the world have existed over the years with a common goal—to
strengthen our families through faith and culture. I am proud to be leading the Sisters this year with this legacy in mind. Now, I am asking for help
from this large faith community in stepping up and helping this legacy continue. Please consider planning an event, working at an event, attending
an event, or even just showing up and having a cup of coffee with us some Sunday. I hope to see you soon!
Phone: (314) 776-3262 - Fax: (314) 664-7001