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  1. Why Orthodox Christians Should Pray - Bp. Christodoulos of the Holy Metropolis Greek Orthodox
    Church discusses the purpose of Orthodox Christian prayer.
  2. Serbian Orthodox Monasteries in Kosovo -This is a complication of photos taken by the publisher
    during the two years they spent in Kosovo, Serbia. The photos were all from Serbian Orthodox
    Churches and Monasteries in Kosovo. The chants are from the Decani Monastery in the Pec Region
    of Kosovo. Please keep comments respectful, It was not created or posted for controversy.
  3. Hristos Voskrese -Eastern song performed by musical orchestra ''Stupovi'' and various Serbian
    singers and celebrities, dedicated to the resurrection of Christ, made as a part of an action of raising
    funds for reconstruction of medieval Serbian orthodox monastery ''Pillars of Saint George''
  4. Serbian Easter Celebration - The solemn Easter celebration at Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in
    Sarajevo, the ever multicultural capital of Bosnia Hercegovina
  5. Challenges in Orthodox Christian Marriages Part 1-Speaker is V. Rev. George D. Konstantopoulos,
    MDiv. "Challenges in Orthodox Christian Marriages" is a presentation from the Married Couple
    Retreat entitled "The Orthodox Family in the Modern Age", held at the University of Notre Dame Sacred
    Heart Retreat Center on March 16-17, 2007, and sponsored by the Department of Christian Education
    of the Serbian Orthodox Midwestern Metropolitanate, Libertyville, IL.  Video courtesy of Rev. Fr. Mile
    Subotic, Saints Peter & Paul Serbian Orthodox Church, South Bend, IN
    Voice of Orthodox Christianity. -V. Rev. George D. Konstantopoulos, MDiv is parish priest of St.
    Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in South Bend, IN. Fr. George has over 30 years of experience in the
    Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. During the course of his priestly ministry, Fr. George
    wholeheartedly provided the resources for the spiritual growth of his faithful parishioners. He served
    in many Greek Orthodox parishes throughout the USA. His devotion was especially geared towards
    young couples and marriage counseling. Fr. George has four children and three grandchildren.
  6. Part 2
  7. Part 3
  8. Part 4
  9. Part 5
  10. Christian Orthodoxy Worldwide -This is a video made about our awesome Orthodoxy. This video goes
    through a lot of different Christian Orthodox churches from all around the world. Some pictures of
    Christian Orthodox churches are from nations like Serbia, Greece, Russia, Syria, Georgia, Armenia,
    Ukraine, Jordan, India, Japan, Ethiopia and lots more...Also, some famous Christian Orthodox
  11. Gaining A Better Understanding of Eastern Orthodox Church -Gaining A Better Understanding of
    Eastern Orthodox Church. Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Bureau of Justice
    Assistance. Diversity Series: Religions, Cultures and Communities (NCJ 212664). The Chicago
    Police Department. Eastern Orthodox. Producer: Chicago Police Department. Creative
    Commons license: Public Domain. Very informative (1 discrepancy with regards of the celebration of
    Christmas always being of the 25th of December.  In Serbian Orthodox Church we follow the
    celebration of Christ's birth on the 7th of January).
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